MENSCH – Training for typification, management and higher performance

We are always effective! How we come across influences our partners, regardless as to whether they are the boss, a colleague, an employee or a customer.

In our seminars, you acquire founded knowledge on how to understand strengths and employ them successfully.

Overview of topics:
– Working in a team
– Management and leadership
– Drive and motivation
– Nonverbal communication
– Achieving goals
– Different types of people

The trainings let participants recognise valuable potential and successfully implement knowhow in everyday situations.

Training through learning and live training in small groups means the participants are involved directly and immediately. The participants actively shape the program through their participation in training, this maximises their learning progress.

Participants receive a suitcase full of effective sales tools, for purposeful arguing and negotiating, to resolve objections and achieve better transactions.

The open seminars are held at various locations across Germany. For company or specific personal training, please contact us.

We are looking forward to you!

Your advantages:
– Small groups for effective learning results
– Theoretical knowledge is conveyed directly through enjoyable live exercises
– The open seminars are independent of specific markets but target group orientated
– Support for individual strategies to improve interpersonal skills
– Practical learning aids to go, for reliable everyday use

MARKT (market)

sales skills
customer loyalty

MARKE (brand)

online marketing
social media
direct marketing
neuro sales
public relation
corporate identity
intellectual property

MENSCH (human)

leadership and guidance
drive and motivation
nonverbal communication
achievement of objectives
people types

MASCHINE (organization)

corporate culture
product compliance
safety in companies
risk management
processes and systems