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As a modern, consulting company, independent of any sector, TOP4m develops solutions for sales and marketing. Our customers are manufacturers, dealers and service providers. Supporting horizontal and vertical expansion as well as increasing performance in day to day business are always paramount. Together, we build professional concepts, connect our customers in the market and develop human resource competence in sales and service. In the four main areas, Markt (market), Marke (brand), Mensch (human) and Maschine (organisation), we set standards with our work and help our customers achieve higher performance, better results and a clear presence in the market.

MARKT (market)

Companies in peak condition achieve a long-term hold in the market, if they see, understand and can make the most of their market of today, tomorrow and beyond. YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IN TOP CONDITION. We see your potential in – sales opportunities – distribution channels – new markets – products. The principle is – today: maximum utilisation of the entire distribution potential – tomorrow: sustainable structures and distribution channels – the day after tomorrow: new markets, products and customers

MARKE (brand)

The gauge for the true value of a company is brand profile. Companies in peak condition make the most of opportunities to differentiate the properties of their products or services through a strong brand. YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IN TOP CONDITION We see your potential in – your brand – building your brand – transporting your brand – distinguishing your brand. The principle is: – Today: build a unique identity – Tomorrow: establish the brand on the market – The day after tomorrow: optimal utilisation of the potential of the brand

MENSCH (human)

Companies are not just capital, above all they are people. People in peak condition invest their entire potential and make companies successful. YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IN TOP CONDITION We see your potential in –players skills – employees’ knowledge – peoples’ demeanour – the motivation of all involved. The principle is: – today: recognise potentials – tomorrow: develop these purposefully – the day after tomorrow: employ all skills professionally

MASCHINE (organization)

Performance develops through the slim-lined and efficient machinery of an organisation. Companies, that run like a machine in peak condition, achieve maximum results. YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IN TOP CONDITION We see your potential in – smooth organisation – ideal management of resources – perfect focus on results – future-oriented quality management. The principle is: today: depict processes transparently – tomorrow: revise and optimise processes – the day after tomorrow: utilise a continuous process of improvement


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I founded my first company when I was 15 years old and because of this, was able to finance my university studies. When I received my degree as a business economist at the age of 23, I had already decided that I wanted to establish something independent. I eagerly took up the challenge of establishing and leading the European branch of an international electronic corporation. In the course of 15 years, the company grew under my leadership. I established distribution offices and subsidiary companies in the whole of Europe and expanded sales to Asia, the Middle East, the GUS as well as to Africa. The main focus of my work was strategic planning of distribution, building brands, organisation and quality control. Today, I use the acquired knowledge and experience to support companies in reaching their goals.


At the age of 18, I held voluntary trainings for a charity organisation. Through holding IT-seminars for participants in middle and large companies, my exclusive focus, since 2008, has been on sales and service. The INtem® Institute Mannheim provided me with many years of professional input, for instance from the fields of interval training, distribution strategies, NLP, 3D-Marketing, Limbic®, etc. Through the Twinn Academy, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert B. Dilts (NLP University, Santa Cruz, USA) and Michael Grinder (National Director of NLP in Education USA) and have attended all their trainings in Germany for years. An essential performance factor for companies are the people who work there. If they are professional, motivated and equipped with the right tools to interact with customers and partners, company success is inevitable.


„Wer immer tut, was er schon kann, bleibt immer das, was er schon ist.“ Henry Ford
Marketing & Sales ist meine große Leidenschaft. In meiner über 20jährigen Berufserfahrung konnte ich eine Vielzahl von Projekten in diversen Unternehmen und Branchen sehr erfolgreich begleiten und mich gewinnbringend engagieren. Meinen Schwerpunkt setze ich auf die operative Beratung von Unternehmen, um ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen im B2B wie auch im B2C-Umfeld nachhaltig erfolgreich am Markt zu positionieren. Meine Stärken liegen in der Analyse, der Erarbeitung von individuellen Lösungsansätzen, der strikten Fokussierung und Umsetzung, als auch in der klaren Kommunikation. Sorgfalt und Präzision sind für mich Ansporn und Anspruch zu gleich.

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